Why Strong Words?

In short because I forget things. Mercifully I know where my car keys are (I think) and what my favorite color is (black, since the 5th grade), but the bigger things, like who I am and what I really want, slip out of my mind far too frequently. I forget what’s true. I forget what matters. I forget what I believe.

The origin of Strong Word Studio is this:
Life got hard. Shit got real. I started forgetting. And then I started writing things down. Who I am. What I want. What’s real. I’d always done it for the grocery store and Target runs. I started doing it for my soul.

Strong Word Studio was birthed out of my forgetfulness, out of a love for strong words (red letter, 4 letter, and everything in-between), and out of a passion for reminding my friends (and myself) who we are and what we’re capable of when we focus on what’s true.

Daphne Bamburg